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My short story

David Kiff

Hi my name is David . I am 54 years old. Originally from the UK but now living in Perth, Australia with my Lovely Wife Elisa and our 2 dogs. I have 3 beautiful Kids, who are now adults living in the UK and USA. My Hobbies include; Walking the dogs, Renovation, Architecture, Football, Surfing online, Restaurants,Pubs and Fitness (recently on a regular basis).

I moved to Perth 10 years ago. I originally came here to visit some friends whilst on holiday and was really blown away by how beautiful Perth is. With the climate being so different to the UK. The people here appeared to have a lot more leisure time, it seemed so much more laid back and a fantastic place to live. So i made the decision to move here.

Reality Check.

4 years later having finally obtained my permanent residency. I went self employed and set up my own business in Landscape Construction. I wanted to be my own boss again and have the flexibility to manage my own time. The reality is as most business owners know you end up working longer hours. In my business you start early mornings to beat the heat and traffic and when you get home in the evenings you start pricing up new work. I enjoy my work and have great satisfaction in handing over quality projects to my happy clients. The problem is i never seem to have the spare time to relax and enjoy my Why reason for originally coming here. The climate is fantastic but if your only working in it and not making time to relax and enjoy it you have to question what your doing.

Alternative Thinking.

I had been wondering for a while about starting an online business to get off the tools and find a product or service i could sell over the internet, but i kept putting it off because i just didn't know where to start?, how to set it up and what to sell? I was so busy working on my business that i never made the time to do anything about it until one day at the airport traveling back from holiday i picked up a book called the 4 hour work week written by Timothy Ferris. Not great timing i know as my holiday was over but i bought the book anyway. As much as i tried reading the book over the next couple of months or more i kept putting it down as i couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to concentrate. So in the end i decided to look on YouTube to see if there was an audio version of the book to listen to instead.

Opportunity Knocks

There was an audio version on YouTube so i clicked the site to start listening. Before the audio started a pop up video advert appeared with a young guy in his 20's from Perth (coincidence) talking about how he had started an online business. He explained what he was previously doing working long hours away from friends and family and then how he had changed his life doing a business he loved and the freedom he was experiencing traveling the world working from his laptop and just basically living and loving life. This grabbed my attention and i clicked the link he had set up and left my details to receive some free  information he was offering from the mentors that had helped him to get started. The information i received was exactly what i was looking for.

Following up on an opportunity.

I signed up with the SFM (Six Figure Mentors)as an affiliate partner and joined their Digital Experts Academy,  to learn the skills i need to build my own online business. A business that i can work from at home, or from wherever i choose.

Earn while you learn.

A fantastic benefit of the SFM programe is it enables you to earn while you learn by joining their affiliate program, which is great as not everyone can just drop their existing jobs straight away whilst learning how to set up an online business. I certainly couldn't. You don't even have to find your own product to sell as an affiliate you get paid a commission for advertising and recommending their products and services.

Looking ahead to what i can offer from what i learn.

Having learned that SFM offer fantastic products and services to help me grow my online business, i'm looking forward to the many choices i now have ahead of me. The reality at the moment in my existing business is that when i stop physically working my income stops and at my age that's not a nice feeling. I can now build a business and create an income without any physical presence at all. If your willing to learn the skills in setting up automated systems in your business, you have the opportunity to generate an income 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week "global time".

Global Office. 

I have family in the UK, USA and Indonesia i love traveling and i now have the opportunity where i can see my family more, other than once every few years and still have an income that can sustain that lifestyle. As long as i have my laptop and an internet connection i'm in business.


I was very sceptical at first but felt i had nothing to loose by checking it out. So glad i did as i soon discovered through the training and connecting with the fantastic community of like minded people from all over the world, from a variety of working and social backgrounds that it wasn't a scam or a get rich quick scheme, but a world class online education programme that can teach you how to build your own online business from scratch. It will involve a lot of hours of learning and taking action on what your taught and your results will be a reflection of the action you take. That has got to be better than looking at spending the rest of your working life in the daily 9-5 grind being told what to do and shaping someone elses future dreams.

Self improvement

I was probably the worlds worst procrastinator putting things off and getting distracted by daily obstacles that jump out at me but thats improving thanks to the mentoring i receive in my online business. I am also learning to live a healthy lifestyle from one of my mentors who is now my fitness coach. My energy levels are now fantastic along with my focus and I am really excited for the future and using my new online marketing and self improvement skills with my Landscape construction business and other online businesses i will develop for myself, family, friends and future clients.


It is my hope that anyone who is looking at this for the first time, to explore the opportunity in front of you and like myself commit to re-educating in new skills that can help you to set up an online business you love and to live a life on your terms. That is Free Time Living. Its what most of us want and i am so grateful to have been introduced to a blueprint i can follow to create that lifestyle for myself and my family.

If you can see an opportunity to create an online business of your own, i look forward to catching up with you soon. If its not for you that's no problem at all. But if i can be of help in anyway feel free to leave a message. I appreciate you for taking the time to visit my site and wish you good luck in your life and business.

Best wishes




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